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At Imago Glass Inc, we’re passionate about creating custom glass shower doors that elevate your bathroom and your daily routine. Our team of experienced designers and installers work closely with you to bring your vision to life, using only the finest materials and techniques. With a focus on quality craftsmanship, innovative designs, and exceptional customer service, we strive to exceed your expectations. Trust Imago Glass Inc for all your glass shower door needs, and experience the difference for yourself.

The Most Popular Glass Door Materials
Imago Glass Shower Doors Chicago

frameless shower doors chicago Clear Glass Shower Doors

Clear Glass Shower Doors

Clear glass shower doors are the most popular shower door. They are a staple: affordable and fit the aesthetic of every bathroom!

shower enclosures Frosted Glass Shower Doors

Frosted Glass Shower Doors

Love the look of clear glass, but want a little extra privacy? Frosted glass shower doors may be just the thing for you.

glass shower doors chicago Tempered Glass Shower Doors

Tempered Glass Shower Doors

Tempered glass is also known as safety glass. Have an extra safe shower with your new tempered glass shower doors.

shower glass doors chicago Tinted Glass Shower Doors

Tinted Glass Shower Doors

Tinted glass allows you to add a little color to your door. You can purchase tinted glass shower doors in a variety of different tints.

Starphire Glass Shower Doors

Starphire glass shower doors are low in lead content and are extra clear. Get all the beauty of pure glass with starphire doors!

sliding shower doors Low Lead Glass Shower Doors

Low Lead Glass Shower Doors

Ever noticed that greenish tint glass can have sometimes? That is due to lead. Low lead glass shower doors eliminates that tint!

shower glass doors chicago Rain Glass Shower Doors

Rain Glass Shower Doors

Rain glass shower doors add a beautiful aesthetic to your shower. Get the look of raindrops to add a wonderful texture.

glass shower doors chicago colored glass shower doors

Colored Glass Shower Doors

Don’t like clear glass? Want to add a pop of color to your bathroom? A colored glass shower door is an excellent option for you!

sliding shower doors chicago Shower Guard Glass Doors

Shower Guard Glass Doors

Shower Guard glass offers the ultimate protection for your glass. It lasts for years with less maintenance, even with heat, humidity, hard water, and scrubbing.

Clear Glass
Clear glass shower doors are truly a classic. They are timeless and can fit with any home’s décor. Clear glass doors can come in framed or frameless options. They are easy to clean and maintain over the years.

Which Materials Are The Most Frequent To Produce Glass Shower Doors?

Your needs, preferences and budget will ultimately determine your selection in glass for your shower door. We will assist you in identifying the perfect option.
We have put together a list of shower door glass types to make sure that you have all the information you might need.

Frosted Glass
That type of shower glass doors offer a bit more privacy than a clear glass door does. This may be an ideal option for modest homeowners or those sharing a bathroom. They do not show streaks and spots quite as quickly.
Tempered Glass
These shower doors are made out of tempered glass, also known as safety glass. It is an excellent choice for bathrooms as, should it break, it doesn’t break into sharp, jagged edges. Tempered glass breaks into small pebble-like pieces.
Tinted Glass
Shower doors of that kind, like frosted glass, can add a bit of privacy, depending on the color you choose. They also offer a unique way to match a bathroom’s décor or add an additional splash of color
Starphire Glass
Starphire glass shower doors are a thicker glass like tempered glass, but the glass is created to be crystal clear instead of tinted in color. It is an especially great option for bathrooms with colored shower tiles.
Low Lead Glass
Low lead glass shower doors, as its name suggests, has less iron than normal glass. Glass naturally come with a small iron content, and this iron can result in a greenish tint which low lead glass does not have.
Rain Glass
These shower glass doors offer a unique aesthetic to your bathroom. Rain glass is designed to look like rain is streaking down the glass. In addition to the decorative aspect, it adds privacy to your shower.
Colored Glass
Colored glass shower doors add a splash of color to your bathroom and can allow you to match your shower to your wall color, tile color, or other décor. Inquire today about our wide variety of color options.
Shower Guard
Choose that type of shower glass for protecting your door and allowing it to last longer. Shower guard is a clear, protective coating that you can have added to your door. It’s a great option for homes with hard water.