Gym mirrors

Our Gym Mirrors

We provide and mount bigger fitness mirrors, large gym mirrors, and studio dance mirrors, all tailored to fit your walls. Use our gym mirrors to improve the appeal of your establishment by improving the atmosphere and as a means through which one may improve skills and observe progress. The installation of gym mirrors in your home fitness area can make your workout space more welcoming and provide a motivation boost by creating an ambience that feels more gym-like. At IMAGO we’ll give you a complimentary on-site estimate and we’ll lead you throughout the entire process, all the way from design to mirror selection and installation to final clean-up. If you would more information about your future gym mirrors project, reach out to our qualified mirror and glass experts.

Our Methods for Gym Mirrors Installation

For safe and secure installation of your fitness mirrors, we take both the mirror’s weight and the need to keep it in place into consideration. Our professionals install gym mirrors by way of the following methods:

Floor – As the floor is already there, this method is cost-effective. But, there is added risk of mirrors being scuffed or kicked if the mirrors go all the way down to the floor.

– If you already have floor trim, resting the mirrors on trim is nearly as cost-effective. Think about the specific placement of your trim and whether it is located at a proper distance from the floor and able to provide base support for your gym mirrors.

– This may help maintain your gym mirrors from being kicked, etc as it is installed at your desired distance from the floor. J-channel is made from metal, and in profile, it is shaped like a “J”, meaning that along the bottom of the gym mirrors, a thin strip of metal will be visible.

– This is similar to J-channel, the difference being that its profile is “L” shaped, making it minimally visible along the mirrors’ bottoms. This provides the mirrors with a frameless look.

Our Service for Gym Mirrors

Commercial Gym Mirrors

Our gym mirrors professionals can custom cut our shatterproof gym mirrors to suit all your commercial gym mirror needs. Whether you are seeking to create a single gym mirror wall or would like to install numerous mirrors on multiple walls, we can handle it. We will take care of any job, no matter the size or scope, in order to bring life to your project vision.

Gym Mirror Wall

We can install mirror walls in any business or home. No matter if you seek to make your office more attractive or you wish to increase your gym’s spaciousness, a mirror wall is an excellent inclusion. The use of a glass mirror might feel like you are stepping outside for a break and also adds light to your home or place of business.

Residential Gym Mirrors

One of the most essential components of a home gym workout is the visual assessment of the form you are utilizing. Your home gym mirrors can help in improving your exercise form. Our professionals will touch on each detail of your residential gym mirrors project and deliver excellent results with your home gym mirror wall.