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IMAGO Glass Shower Doors Chicago offers: custom glass shower doors, glass shower enclosures , frameless glass shower doors & bathroom glass door installation in Chicago, IL!

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About IMAGO Glass Shower Doors Chicago, Custom Shower Doors & Shower Enclosures

IMAGO Glass Shower Doors Chicago is a Chicago based glass shower doors company with over 15 years of experience providing custom glass shower doors & shower enclosures. Our highly specialized employees can handle any glass shower doors installation project. We offer all types of glass shower doors, especially:

  • glass shower doors
  • custom glass shower doors
  • glass shower enclosures
  • frameless glass shower doors
  • bathroom glass door
  • bathtub shower doors

Imago Glass Shower Doors Chicago offers a numerous

types of shower doors & enclosures

Materials we use for shower glass doors & shower enclosures:

Only highest quality materials for your shower glass doors Chicago!


Clear Glass Shower Doors

Clear glass shower doors are truly a classic. They are timeless and can fit with any home’s décor. Clear glass doors can come in framed or frameless options. They are easy to clean and maintain over the years.


Frosted Glass Shower Doors

That type of shower glass doors offer a bit more privacy than a clear glass door does. This may be an ideal option for modest homeowners or those sharing a bathroom. They do not show streaks and spots quite as quickly.


Tempered Glass Shower Doors

These shower doors are made out of tempered glass, also known as safety glass. It is an excellent choice for bathrooms as, should it break, it doesn’t break into sharp, jagged edges. Tempered glass breaks into small pebble-like pieces.


Tinted Glass Shower Doors

Shower doors of that kind, like frosted glass, can add a bit of privacy, depending on the color you choose. They also offer a unique way to match a bathroom’s décor or add an additional splash of color.


Starphire Glass Shower Doors

Starphire glass shower doors are a thicker glass like tempered glass, but the glass is created to be crystal clear instead of tinted in color. It is an especially great option for bathrooms with colored shower tiles.


Low Lead Glass Shower Doors

Low lead glass shower doors, as its name suggests, has less iron than normal glass. Glass naturally come with a small iron content, and this iron can result in a greenish tint which low lead glass does not have.


Rain Glass Shower Doors

These shower glass doors offer a unique aesthetic to your bathroom. Rain glass is designed to look like rain is streaking down the glass. In addition to the decorative aspect, it adds privacy to your shower.


Colored Glass Shower Doors

Colored glass shower doors add a splash of color to your bathroom and can allow you to match your shower to your wall color, tile color, or other décor. Inquire today about our wide variety of color options.


Shower Guard Glass Doors

Choose that type of shower glass for protecting your door and allowing it to last longer. Shower guard is a clear, protective coating that you can have added to your door. It’s a great option for homes with hard water.

For most demanding customers we’ve got in offer Antique Mirror Glass Shower Doors. Don’t see material you are looking for? Give us a call, we have also a lot of unique materials in offer!

Why Choose IMAGO Glass Shower Doors Chicago, Custom Shower Doors & Shower Enclosures

The benefits of hiring us for glass shower doors installation

Highest quality glass shower doors

When you buy a glass shower door or shower enclosure from us, you’ll get the highest quality doors & enclosures available. From the glass, to the construction, to the installation, you get only the best.

Years of experience in glass shower door installation & shower enclosures installation

When it comes to glass shower door installation, we know how to get the job done. Each of our contractors is highly experienced, having installed countless doors and shower enclosures over the years.

Custom shower doors & shower enclosures in Chicago

Sometimes your shower isn’t sized right for market manufactured doors. Or perhaps the door you are looking for doesn’t exist. That’s why we’re here! For custom shower doors Chicago loves.

Affordable prices of glass shower doors

Don’t let the idea of glass shower doors being expensive scare you away! We offer a range of highly affordable glass doors and glass shower enclosures in addition to our high end stock.

Expertise to Make Your Custom Glass Shower Door the Perfect Fit

Thanks to all our experience, we understand exactly what goes into manufacturing the perfect shower enclosure. Our expertise will provide you with a custom glass door that is made to measure and looks fantastic.

We’re Here for You With Unmatched Professionalism and Friendly Customer Service

Our professional team is always available to respond to your questions with a welcoming smile and friendly advice. Our work is not done right if we don’t take care of you with respect and patience.

Reviews of IMAGO Glass Shower Doors and Shower Enclosures Chicago, IL

Our custom glass shower doors & shower enclosures were appreciated by many customers!


IMAGO Glass is proud to provide Chicagoland homeowners with high quality glass shower doors that are revered by many. Over the years, we have served many appreciative clients who have shared their reviews on platforms such as Google+ and Yelp. But don’t just take our word for it! See it for yourself! Our customers have praised us for providing their homes with glass shower doors Chicago bathrooms need to stay dry! When you get a door from IMAGO Glass, you are getting the best in quality and workmanship.

It is not uncommon for shower enclosures to be made slightly off from the standard size. The problem? It is hard to find a shower door that fits properly, causing all sorts of leaking and dripping to occur. That is why, at IMAGO Glass, we are pleased to offer custom shower doors Chicago homeowners can benefit from when they face this problem. We carry a wide range of glass types, from plain shower glass to tinted glass, rain glass, starphire glass, and more. Homeowners of all budget constrictions can find a door that fits their needs at IMAGO. Contact us today to ask us for questions and to get your custom door.

Gallery of Glass Shower Doors & Custom Shower Doors

Check our latest glass shower doors installation and custom shower doors

Make Your Bathroom Designing Plans a Reality With Glass Shower Doors Chicago

The go to company for custom shower doors in Chicago

At IMAGO Glass, we offer the highest quality glass shower doors in Chicago. With over 15 years of experience, our staff is highly experienced and able to handle any glass shower door installation projects. We are extremely capable at installing glass shower doors, both framed and frameless shower doors, sliding glass shower doors and at creating glass shower doors and shower enclosures. Our rates are highly affordable and our services are quick and efficient.

Give us a call if you need new glass shower door installation in Chicago!

Top Quality Shower Door Installation Chicago

With custom shower doors in Chicago unusual shower size is not a problem anymore

Is your shower a standard size? You’d be surprised how many people find out theirs is not! After the installation of a standard shower door, it is not uncommon for homeowners to find out that there are gaps in their shower door, either due to poor installation or a non-standard sized shower. With IMAGO Glass, that will never happen. Our contractors are very diligent about taking measurements of your shower enclosure or bathtub. From there, we can help figure out if a standard size or a custom shower door will be your best option. Then it’s up to you to decide which shower glass doors type you want: sliding shower doors, framed or frameless shower doors – there’re plenty of possibilities!

Our staff is commited to offering exclusive glass shower doors & shower enclosures Chicago

We offer a wide variety of glass shower doors and shower enclosures!

When it comes to glass shower door installation, we know you want the best. Our contractors are diligent when it comes to measuring, are great communicators, and are highly experienced in the shower enclosures installation process. When hiring IMAGO Glass, you will not only have a properly installed, watertight shower glass door, you will also have a beautiful shower glass door that fits the aesthetics of your home. We carry a wide variety of shower glass doors and shower enclosures that can fit the size and aesthetics of any bathroom. All of this, and our expert service, comes at a very affordable price. Questions about shower glass doors Chicago? Don’t hesitate to ask. Our customer service associates would be happy to be of assistance.

With glass shower doors & showers enclosures in Chicago your dream bathroom is closer than you think!
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Testimonials of IMAGO Glass Shower Doors & Custom Shower Doors

Check what previous clients say about the glass shower installation & custom shower installation we did in Chicago

We found the perfect glass shower enclosure with this company. They were very professional and showed us different types of glass we could go with. The glass we selected was ready quite fast and they were here to install it as promised. We love the new shower enclosure and the service we got was excellent.

testimonail Debra Wylander

My wife and I hate shower curtains and we could no longer live with one in our bathroom. They constantly need replacing and they attract mold. We called for a glass enclosure and we were shown some very nice options. We selected the right one for us and precise measurements were taken. It wasn’t long before we had our shower door installed and we are thrilled. It’s beautiful and best of all, NO MORE SHOWER CURTAIN!

testimonail Derek Bento

Our old shower door was bulky and rusting out at the hinges. It was not doing the job of holding the water in and it looked terrible. After this glass door company was done, we had a beautiful shower enclosure that looked great and it functioned the way it was meant to. They did a wonderful job!

testimonail Simone De Montaire

Our previous shower door was not doing its job. Water leaked all over our bathroom floor: not fun. We called for glass shower door replacement, and we could not be more thrilled. No more leaking. Great quality door. Quick service.

testimonail Isabel Daniels

We always used tubs and shower curtains, but when we remodeled our bathroom, we had a standalone shower put it. They offer the best glass shower door installation in Chicago! I’m in love with this shower!

testimonail Joe Gill

Where do you go for custom shower doors Chicago can trust? Here, without a doubt! The guy they sent out to measure our shower was nothing short of professional and friendly. And the job was completed much quicker than expected.

testimonail Nadine Stewart
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