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Our Custom Glass Table Top

Not only are custom glass tabletops functional, they are also attractive. The durability of a glass table top offers your furniture protection from varied damage and scratches. It is also possible to utilize a custom glass table top on top of a pedestal or insert a piece of glass that sits inside the rim. No matter if you seek home décor that is modern or your broken glass tabletop requires replacing, we provide an outstanding service level and back up our work’s quality.

Our varied selection allows you to select among opaque, tempered, and transparent glass. We can assist you in determining the edge types and the thickness customized for your particular project and providing you with a design solution that is ideal for you.

Table Top Shapes Examples






Irregular Shape

We can provide a custom glass table top in many and customized sizes and shapes that fit all furniture types.

Table Top Glass Types Examples

Clear Glass

Transparent tempered glass provides the ideal mix of durability and strength.

Opaque Glass

Opaque glass gives a unique, sand-blasted frosted texture.

Low Iron Glass

This glass type is more clear than standard glass and does not have a green tint.

Tinted Glass

Offered in a varied selection of tints, including standard bronze and classic gray, providing a colorful look for more adventurous consumers.

Your Guide to Selecting Proper Thickness of Glass

In order to ensure glass table top installation that is both secure and safe, it is important that we weigh your glass and determine how necessary it is to maintain it in place.  A rule of thumb for selecting the proper glass thickness for your project:

Indoor Glass Thickness
Indoor glass is generally utilized for coffee tables, kitchen tables, and dining room table tops. We at IMAGO provide protection for a large selection of table tops. You are not limited to utilizing our table covers in only your home! Conference tables and office desktops also require protection. Our professionals suggest using a thickness of 1/4″ for a standard glass table top and its protective cover, but a thickness of 3/8″ is recommended for heavier tabletops without support. ½” thickness can provide maximum safety and strength for indoor glass.

Outdoor Glass Thickness
As outdoor furniture is multi-purpose, additional thickness is needed for an outdoor glass table top. The precise glass thickness will depend on the manner in which you will utilize your patio table. As far as the selection of glass, there are options that have a thickness of 3/32”, 1/8”, ¼”, or 1/2″, 1/4″. Yet table usage and personal taste are both still factors. Glass of a greater thickness works best in an outdoor situation. Tempered glass may be the appropriate solution if a glass table top requires a certain amount of strength. It offers additional strength and breaks into smaller pieces when broken.

Select Custom Glass Edges

Flat Polished Edge

In this method, the edges of the class are first cut before being flat polished, providing an appearance that is sleek. A 45° angle chamfer may be used on both the bottom and the top glass edges to eliminate sharpness.

Beveled Edge

Beveled edges are cut then polished at a special size and angle, delivering a framed and elegant appearance.

Pencil Polished Edge

The excellent aesthetics of smoothly ground edges with a bit of a curve giving your table top a unique look.

Seamed Edge

A seamed edge is only lightly sanded for a minimalistic and functional finishing.

Ogee Polished Edge

The edge in an ogee design is a concave arch that merges into a convex arch. This smooth design draws attention to your glass table top.

Mitered Polished Edge

This flat mitered edge is offered at a maximum angle of 45 degrees to the glass panel’s cut edge.

Triple Ogee Edge

This attractive edge style has an appearance similar to a waterfall with three ogee layers.

Raw Edge

Raw edge does not cost too much but may be so sharp that handling it requires special gloves and caution.

Step By Step - This is how we work!

Have IMAGO create and install your custom table top in Chicago

Reach Out to Us
Upon contacting our official phones, our specialists will go over your custom table top project’s installation details like expectations, materials and timelines. In addition, a date will be established for a site visit and complimentary estimate.
Visit on Site
We’ll pay a visit to your property in order to discuss your project’s details, in addition to the requirements and objectives. To ensure your project for a custom made table top runs smoothly, we must be fully informed of every detail.
Design Retainer
We’ll give you a comprehensive, tailored plan as well as a proposal for a glass table top that suits both your style and function needs.
Execution of Project
Next, a timeline will be mutually determined as well as a date set for table top installation.
End results
When we complete the job, we will be sure to properly clean your space and carefully observe the end product to ensure your expectations have been met as well as our quality standards.

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