Custom Glass Shelves

Our Custom Glass Shelves Options

If you seek a manner in which to include functionality and style in your home, one terrific way to achieve this is with our custom glass shelves. They are ideal for any space, including kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. We will modify our designs for optimum functionality and to match your styles, giving your space a real upgrade. We will deliver a custom made project to you at the end of your process which features a finished product that is top quality and suits your home perfectly.

Glass shelves are equally as durable as shelves made from other materials. Not only can they hold a reasonable amount of weight, they are significantly less intrusive. Although quite sturdy, glass shelves require little maintenance and can easily be kept shiny and clean.

Types Of Glass Shelves

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass shelves provide an ideal mix of sturdiness and strength.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass provides glass shelves that are the strongest.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass differs from standard transparent glass, providing a specific look that contrasts any item on top of it.

Choose Custom Glass Edges

Beveled Edge

Showcases edges that have been cut then polished at a special size and angle that produces a look that is framed and elegant.

Pencil Polished Edge

The edges of pencil polished glass have a bit of a curve and have been ground smooth. The distinctive finish converts pencil polishing into a superb option for use in aesthetics-focused spaces.

Flat Polished Edge

In this technique, the edges of the glass are cut and then they are flat polished, creating a look that is sleek. A small 45° angle chamfer is often utilized on the bottom and top edges of the glass shelves to eliminate sharpness.

Seamed Edge

A seamed edge provides minimal finishing as it is lightly sanded.

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Glass Shelves Examples

FAQ About Glass Shelves

Are Glass Shelves Pricey?

There are several factors involved with the expense of glass shelves installation such as installation complexity, quantity of time needed to finish the job, potential preparation work like drilling or wall treatment, and quantity and size of glass shelves. If your space is special and you seek glass shelves to highlight its uniqueness, take us up on a complimentary estimate or share some videos or photos of your space with us so we can better understand what you need or want.

Is Maintenance for Glass Shelves Simple?

It is quite easy to maintain glass shelves clean. When appropriately mounted, it is extremely secure, it is difficult to scratch, and it will not warp when wet. The only cleaning need is wiping with a soft cloth and glass cleaner in order to remove fingerprints or dust, leaving it looking good!

Are Glass Shelves Sturdy?

As long as porcelain and other objects are not overly heavy, glass shelves are strong enough to hold them. As sturdy as wood, glass can be attached to walls. If you seek additional safety or durability in a material, laminated or tempered glass are your best choice.

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