Glass walls

Our Glass Walls

If you are considering placing glass panels to give your home or business a slightly more elegant and contemporary touch than it currently is, here at IMAGO we will help you make it a reality through our top design, installation and finishing service.

From framed and frameless glass walls styles down to the type of glass itself, we can provide any given room the amount of privacy you desire. We’ll combine our innovative design and installation methods with your ideas and aesthetic to create a truly original look for your property. Our glass walls will add a modern touch to any space, both residential and commercial. Our glass walls Chicago experts will help you on each step of your project. Starting from free on-site estimate, through the process of selection of glass walls and design arrangements to the final installation and leaving a clean workplace, IMAGO is here for you!

Our Types Of Glass Walls

Glass Panel

Here at IMAGO we provide you with different types of glass wall panels so that your home or business looks just the way you dreamed it. Among the most prominent are annealed glass, heat-strengthened glass and toughened glass.

Glass Wall

If you want your space to have a wider feeling of openness while keeping it secure, then a glass wall is a good bet. We have a variety of wall options available here, including sliding type walls.

Glass Room Dividers

In case you are not a fan of shower curtains, we also offer the option of glass room dividers. Aside from being compatible with any room size, they can help optimize the space so it doesn’t look so crowded. If you want to have a more personalized design for your commercial or residential space, do not hesitate to ask us!

Step By Step

  • Contact Us
    Upon contacting us, we will begin a detailed discussion with you regarding your glass wall project, including timeline issues, materials, expectations, and a specific date to conduct an on-site inspection to determine the budget for the works.
  • Site Visit
    Our experts will visit the workplace and proceed to go to the details of the project, as well as the objectives and needs that must be met; this in order to understand a little more the vision that you have with your project.
  • Design Retainer
    Our design experts will work with you to design your glass partition wall and then submit that proposal to see if it meets your tastes and feature needs.
  • Project Execution
    We will establish a timeline and exact date to carry out the glass walls installation.
  • Final results
    After completing the work, we will proceed to inspect the final product to see if it meets our quality standards and above all, your satisfaction standards. If we receive the approval, we will proceed to thoroughly clean the place and leave.
commercial glass wall

Commercial Glass Walls Services

Regardless of the type of glass wall or doors that you need for your business, here at IMAGO we will provide it to you immediately. Apart from designing and manufacturing glass walls, we also specialize in the installation and repair of glass walls, using the latest techniques and regulations in the industry. For more information regarding our services, do not hesitate to contact one of our professionals!

Our commercial glass division services include:

  • Storefront Fabrication
  • Entry System Installation and Repair
  • Commercial Building Glass Doors
  • Designer Glass
  • Glass Partitions, Conference Rooms and Offices
  • Glass Repair and Replacement
  • 24-Hour Board Up Services

Our Most Common Glass Walls Chicago Projects

When it comes to glass walls, Imago offer Chicago and surrounding areas a wide range of services, most popular choices for projects are:

  • Glass Partition Wall – Great solution that can provide as much privacy as required.
  • Freestanding Glass Walls – Stylish way to divide a room
  • Frameless Glass Walls – modern and stylish frameless walls
  • High wall Systems – Glass high walls for commercial use

Our Glass Walls Chicago Partners

Thanks to the gained trust and many years of experience, we cooperate with various owners of residential and commercial buildings, offering them wide range of glass wall services. We mainly work with:

Residential and commercial building owners

For smaller glass walls projects

Architects & designers

To provide them with special glass walls solutions

Building contractors

To provide big spaces with outstanding glass walls systems

FAQ About Glass Walls

Are glass walls expensive?

While glass partition walls can be more expensive than traditional materials such as brick or drywall, total installation prices begin to drop as the infrastructure grows larger and larger, making it more attractive in the building industry.

Are glass walls energy efficient?

This type of glass walls is a very worthwhile investment, since apart from maintaining a comfortable environment indoors, it also reduces energy costs in the long term to the point of achieving efficiency and flexibility.

Are glass walls durable?

Glass walls, regardless of whether they are glass bathroom wall or glass divider wall, are extremely strong and durable to the point of reducing the possibility of breaking them to a minimum never seen before.

Does glass insulate?

Aside from being a good electrical insulation material, glass also has thermal insulation capabilities and is capable of withstanding all types of corrosive chemicals.

What do you call a full glass wall?

Glass partitions are high-quality glass panels that function as room dividers in residential and commercial spaces, this because they are a good option to provide a feeling of openness to the room and a fresh work environment, respectively. Generally, these partitions go from the ceiling to the wall.