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Which Shower Door is the Best?

If you’re looking to add an all-new shower enclosure or simply update the one you’ve already got, choosing the right shower doors is a critical decision for any homeowner. You might even be unaware of all the options you’ve got! From stainless steel to frameless shower doors, there’s shower doors available for basically any style and all budgets. Other factors to consider include levels of required maintenance and how well…

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Bathtub glass door

Bathtub glass door cost

Installing glass doors and its' cost Whether it is a bathtub or shower, the process of glass door installation can be pretty costly. The cost of the door itself is usually similar for both bathtub and shower, with the latter being a bit more expensive when the whole enclosure is to be installed. However, there is a lot more to count in than just the doors when estimating the project…

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glass shower doors

How to keep your shower doors clear?

Clean your shower doors regularly to keep them neat Glass shower doors, though look beautiful and stylish, are very prone to dirt and become unclear very fast. It’s no wonder, due to constant contact with water and soap there may appear some damp patches and general stains and marks. Cleaning your shower doors once a week may not be enough to prevent them from permament stains. There are some useful…

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Your Guide to Shower Door Installation & Repair

Tips on preparing and installing frameless glass shower doors   A shower door can be a great investment for a home, adding elegance and functionality to a bathroom. For a truly refined shower door look, quality shower doors installation is paramount. With quality installation, the buyer gets want they want without having to worry about quality. There are some important things to consider when seeking out shower doors installation. Measuring…

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Are frameless shower doors safe?

How Safe are Frameless Glass Shower Doors? If you’re looking for new glass shower doors in Chicago, you may be considering frameless shower doors. As experts in shower doors installation in Chicago, we’re often asked by customers if these frameless shower doors are safe. If you’re going to all the trouble of upgrading your shower installation, you want to make sure that your new doors are both sleek and safe.…

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Looking for a shower door that fits best in your bathroom

Custom frameless shower doors - Learn the differences in function and appearance Whether you’re looking into a completely new shower installation or custom shower doors in Chicago, the right shower door can make a world of difference. Imago Glass Inc. is a leading installer of glass shower doors in Chicago, so let us walk you through the benefits of frameless shower doors.   Customization is a key benefit of frameless shower…

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The process of shower doors installation

Learn the process of custom glass shower doors installation   Until you decide to get new shower doors, the process of custom glass shower doors installation is a mystery to most property owners. Today, we will walk you through some of the basics of our process. First, you will do some research. Discover what type of doors you like the looks of what characteristics you like. Do you want a clear glass…

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The cost of custom frameless glass shower door

What is the cost of custom frameless glass shower door in Chicago? Glass shower doors are an excellent addition to any Chicago home. They help keep your floor drier than the traditional shower curtain. They are easier to clean than a shower curtain. They look classy and elegant. And a glass shower door also lasts much longer than a shower curtain. But what happens when your Chicago home’s shower enclosure…

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