The hospitality industry, being a very competitive industry, is always looking for ways in which they can have an edge and give their guests the best possible experience.  A big part of this is to provide a luxurious or even an extravagant interior design. Glass walls are one of the latest commercial design trends that have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. Frameless glass walls, windows or door systems represent style, luxury, and functionality, making this a wonderful solution to ensure design success in every way.

By fusing the latest in design trends, with cutting-edge technology, and top-class service, IMAGO Glass excels at introducing fresh concepts to the commercial sector. You only have to look at the results of our projects, to see that IMAGO Glass is able to transform your hotel property, as per your unique requirements. Perhaps you want to let in more natural light or create more spacious guest areas, we have the right glass wall solution for you.

Tourism is predicted to make a return this year, therefore now is a great time to give your hotel a well-deserved facelift. Here are two inventive design ideas that are sure to impress your visitors.


Just imagine how your property will be transformed with a sliding glass door system that seamlessly integrates multiple spaces, whilst enhancing the square footage that you have available? The possibilities are endless with this elegant and stylish option. This is what IMAGO Glass can do for you. By removing an entire wall to enhance the usable space and functionality, you are no longer constrained by a fixed glass door frame. Some advantages of installing frameless sliding glass walls in your property are:

  • Allowing an unrestricted flow of natural light to enter indoor areas
  • Creating a stylish interior which enhances your guests’ experience
  • Flexible entrances depending on the occasion or weather conditions
  • Allows for the creation of novel entrances, such as corner doors
  • Maximizes commercial space and creates a more open and spacious aesthetic
  • Creates multipurpose and flexible areas ideal for various types of events
  • Enhances access and foot traffic

Frameless glass walls will make your guests feel like VIP’s while being surrounded by nature in a luxurious and practical setting. It could be a large balcony, or the presidential suite, but nothing will allow your guests to fully appreciate the view as frameless glass would.


The advantages of frameless glass installation are clear, so let’s discuss the two different ways you can include IMAGO Glass solutions as part of your luxury hotel design:


We all know that first impressions count, which is why your hotel’s façade is one of the most important design features. The outer façade of a hotel more often than not, represents its personality and it can act as the defining feature of your property. Frameless glass has the ability to entirely change an outdoor area and give your guests a stunning first impression.

With the installation of frameless glass walls on the exterior of your hotel, your guests can enjoy excellent views, whether from the lobby or from their rooms.  Similarly, by using large sliding glass doors your hotel will make a memorable first impression your guests will notice on arrival.  Outdoor spaces will remain important in a post-Covid world. With this in mind, sliding glass doors can act as dividers, easily distinguishing between outdoor and indoor areas, without interfering with the area’s flow. With traditional doors and walls, this is not easy to achieve.

Environment related considerations should be taken into account when planning the installation of exterior frameless glass walls. You can consult with your architect regarding a few of these factors, like lighting optimization, HVAC performance and the impact any structural changes would have on energy efficiency. In addition to being environmentally sustainable, a frameless glass wall exterior design will give your hotel the edge in design, making it stand out, be memorable, which are all factors that can contribute to its success.

IMAGO Glass Exterior Frameless Glass Recommended Options:

Continuous Glass Doors – Folding glass doors with no vertical frames separating the glass panels. Instead, they interlock seamlessly into each adjacent panel, using a UV-protected translucent polycarbonate channel to form a tight seal. This keeps you protected from the weather without unnecessary obstructions.

Multi Combinations – IMAGO Glass’ frameless sliding glass door systems provide the flexibility to open the space anyway you prefer, as each folding glass door panel glides separately. For instance, open only one to act as a door, open all to create a large functional space or open just a few to allow the flow of fresh air.


Hotel owners can all agree that space equals turnover. Which is why maximizing every square foot is important. The solution is certainly not squeezing in more and more people into small spaces, as this would only spell disaster.  Our one-of-a-kind glass system’s depth, width, and flexibility allows for the space to be fully utilized while providing your guests with a comfortable and practical area.

By replacing a traditional wall with frameless glass room dividers, you can save a lot of valuable space. Furthermore, the illusion of space is enhanced through the utilization of natural light that flows through the glass dividers. Frameless glass bathroom dividers with partial visibility have also seen a surge in popularity, as they make the room feel bigger, while still providing privacy. Frameless glass walls can replace almost any traditional wall.

Just make sure to consult with your architect to ensure that the right allowances for noise and visual insulation are made. Since glass is a transparent material, the privacy of the guests must be prioritized and carefully balanced with the aesthetic design.


Top Hung Systems – The design involves removing the weight from the bottom of the header and insert a bottom wheel guiding track. Top hanging systems provide an additional layer of security by preventing the possibility of the panels being lifted or pried out.

Flexible Track Design – Allows the option of creating a variety of openings and layouts and works with many different angles. IMAGO Glass can build and install a custom frameless glass door for your hotel project, provided that we have the right channel to seal the corner.


Frameless glass walls can complement your hotel and add a touch of style and elegance to your property. Invite the outdoors in with frameless glass solutions by IMAGO Glass. With no frames surrounding our folding glass walls and doors, the open concept system is designed to move smoothly and stack effortlessly.

Are you ready to get started with designing your own unique frameless glass walls for your hotel? Get in touch with the helpful team at IMAGO Glass, by requesting an online consultation or give us a call. We will show you how you can transform your property with exquisite frameless glass.