Bathtub glass door

Installing glass doors and its’ cost

Whether it is a bathtub or shower, the process of glass shower door installation can be pretty costly. The cost of the door itself is usually similar for both bathtub and shower, with the latter being a bit more expensive when the whole enclosure is to be installed. However, there is a lot more to count in than just the doors when estimating the project cost. There is the cost of the contractor’s labor – fabricating and securing door frames, setting the door, planning, special equipment allowance (if needed) and so on. The prices will range between 100$ and 350$.

Another expense you should account for is the job supplies, such as mounting hardware or fasteners – 300-450$. The installer may also remove and dispose of the old door, usually for less than 100$. In conclusion, the installation cost will probably cost you less than 400$, although for demanding projects the total may come to 750$.

Different types of bathtub shower doors

There are three main types of shower doors. Framed doors – ‘framed’ meaning there is metal present on each individual panel of glass, not the enclosure itself – are the cheapest. They essentially are a mix of glass panels and metal wall jambs, making them highly adjustable. However, the glass is quite thin and it is hard to replace individual parts. Their cost rarely exceeds 500$. Semi-frameless doors are only partially stabilized with metal frames, leaving some sides frameless. They use glass thicker than typical framed doors and are much more adjustable. They are usually slightly more expensive than previous ones. If you prefer sturdy doors with thick and customizable glass, go for frameless doors. They are also much easier to repair as individual parts can be switched. However, they are rarely cheaper than 700$.