shower door on the bathroom

What is the cost of custom frameless glass shower door in Chicago?

Glass shower doors are an excellent addition to any Chicago home. They help keep your floor drier than the traditional shower curtain. They are easier to clean than a shower curtain. They look classy and elegant. And a glass shower door also lasts much longer than a shower curtain. But what happens when your Chicago home’s shower enclosure is not quite a standard size? It’s at times like these that I custom frameless glass shower door becomes a necessity. With companies like IMAGO Glass around, this is an item that can be acquired at reasonable rates.

So how much does a custom glass shower door cost? The typical range is $900 to $1,300 with installation costs included. The national average for a frameless glass shower door installation is about $1,000.

Reaching out to a local company will be your best bet for finding out the cost. If a custom frameless shower door is out of your price range, most companies also carry a variety of standard sized doors. Your custom door price can also be changed based on the type of glass you request. Simple glass will be cheaper than starphire glass, rain glass, tinted glass, or any other variety of specialty glass.

For the best shower door installation Chicago has to offer, give IMAGO Glass a try. We are ready and eager to give you a hand. When hiring a contractor, ensure that they will measure your shower to ensure proper sizing. We look forward to providing you with a beautiful new shower door!