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Glass shower doors installation Evanston, custom shower doors installation and repair in Evanston

IMAGO Glass has a new location in Evanston! At IMAGO glass, we install high quality glass shower doors. We provide only the highest of quality glass shower doors Evanston in the industry, whether you are looking for clear glass, frosted glass, tempered glass, tinted glass, starphire glass, or low lead glass. What’s more you can choose from framed, frameless glass shower doors or sliding glass shower doors. It can be tough to make the decision, so feel free to ask the contractor! Shower glass doors installation is our passion and you can count on advices from us.

At Imago Glass Inc., we pride ourselves on using the best materials available for all our glass shower doors in Evanston. If it’s your first time looking into new shower glass doors in Evanston, you might be surprised to learn how many options there are. For a classic look, we have simple clear glass. For those who prefer a bit more privacy, we offer frosted glass and tinted glass. Tempered glass doors are great for families with kids, providing a greater deal of protection against breakage. In addition to standard styles like these, we also offer a full range of custom shower doors in Evanston. If you’re looking for unique styles like rain glass or colored glass, we have a complete selection at your disposal. Whatever your style, we have a solution for you.

With IMAGO GLASS Inc all glass shower doors in Evanston are custom made for a perfect fit!

Our rates are extremely competitive for both products and shower glass doors installation services. We also provide custom glass shower doors, so if your shower is of an unusual size, you are not out of luck, like you might be if buying from a catalog. We also install bathtub shower doors and glass shower enclosures. Our 15 years of experience with glass shower doors has allowed us to provide Chicago with the best shower doors around. And now, we can spread our expertise and offer you glass shower doors Evanston. Need a new glass shower door? Have any questions about shower glass doors? Be sure to contact IMAGO Glass Inc today for your glass shower doors installation.

IMAGO Glass Inc offers a wide range of shower glass doors in Evanston – frameless shower doors, sliding shower doors or custom shower doors – whichever you need, we got you covered!


Imago Glass Shower Doors Evanston Has a Variety
of Options for Shower Doors & Enclosures

The Quality Materials in Our Shower Glass Doors & Shower Enclosures in Evanston:

It’s only the best for your glass shower doors Evanston!


Clear Glass Shower Doors

Clear glass shower doors in Evanston offer a classic look. This timeless option can be customized to fit any bathroom space. And you can get them framed or as frameless shower doors in Evanston. Expect your clear glass shower doors to last for years.


Frosted Glass Shower Doors

You can gain a little more privacy with the same degree of beauty as clear glass through frosted shower glass doors in Evanston. It’s the perfect solution for the modest homeowner or anyone sharing a bathroom. And they are very easy to keep clean as they don’t show streaks or spots as much.


Tempered Glass Shower Doors

This is the ultimate in beauty and safety together in one. Tempered glass is ideal for anyone that has concerns about your shower glass doors breaking, as there are no sharp edges to this broken glass. Instead, tempered glass creates small pebble-like fragments.


Tinted Glass Shower Doors

Getting tinted glass shower doors in Evanston can add privacy and a splash of color to your bathroom. You can choose the tint you prefer.


Starphire Glass Shower Doors

You can enjoy a thicker, clearer glass with Starphire glass shower doors in Evanston. This style works well with bathrooms featuring bold colored tiles.


Low Lead Glass Shower Doors

With low-lead glass shower doors in Evanston, you can eliminate the green tint that most other glass solutions display, for a truer look that shows off your tiles throughout the space.


Rain Glass Shower Doors

Get the best of both worlds with rain glass shower doors in Evanston. You have the look of the beautiful glass and the privacy and aesthetic of the raindrop pattern.


Colored Glass Shower Doors

Create the mood with color in your glass shower doors in Evanston. You can match your colored glass to your walls, tiles, or other features for a unique look. There are many options to choose from.


Shower Guard Glass Doors

With this glass shower door option, you can have a long-lasting shower feature that is clear and has a protective coat. It’s perfect for homeowners who have hard water as it resists calcium buildup.

For the most discerning customers, we also offer Antique Mirror Glass Shower Doors in Evanston. If you don’t find the type of frameless shower doors you’re looking for, call us today. We carry many unique options for you to look at.

Why Choose IMAGO Glass Shower Doors Evanston for Your Custom Shower Doors & Shower Enclosures

Benefits of Our Glass Shower Door Installation in Evanston

Top-Quality Glass Shower Doors

You can count on our glass shower doors and shower enclosures in Evanston to be of the highest quality. It’s only the best in glass, manufacturing, and your shower door installation.

Experienced Professionals for Glass Shower Door Installation & Shower Enclosures Evanston

With years behind us, we know all about shower door installation. Every one of our contractors is an expert with countless installations to back their work.

Custom Fit Shower Glass Doors & Shower Enclosures

You may have a shower that is not suited for the sizes and shapes offered in the marketplace, or you may want doors that are not commonly manufactured. We offer custom glass shower doors so our products always fit perfectly.

Affordably Priced Glass Shower Doors

Many people think frameless shower doors are expensive but that’s not the case. We carry a variety of affordable glass shower doors in Evanston that you can choose from.

Expertise for a Perfect Fit

Because we have so much experience, we know how to handle every kind of bathroom layout for precise measurement and a manufacturing process that creates the ideal fit for your custom glass shower doors in Evanston.

Total Professionalism and Friendly Customer Experience

Count on our professional team to respond to all your questions and offer the best advice with a warm smile and friendly service. A major part of our job is to treat you with the proper respect, kindness, and patience.

Testimonials for IMAGO Glass Shower Doors and Shower Enclosures Evanston, IL

Our custom shower glass doors & shower enclosures are Enjoyed by many!


IMAGO Glass is proud to offer top-quality frameless shower doors in Evanston and the rest of Chicago that is loved by so many homeowners. We have provided our services and products to countless customers over the years, and our efforts have not gone unnoticed with an array of reviews shared on platforms like Google+ and Yelp. But you don’t have to take our word for it, have a look for yourself! Those customers that have sung our praises as we provided them with incredible glass shower doors in Evanston know they are getting the best in quality material, service, and craftsmanship.

It is not unusual for typical shower enclosures to be constructed in a way that is slightly off from the standard size. This can pose a problem in finding a shower door that fits correctly, leading to leaks and dripping. For that reason, IMAGO Glass is delighted to offer custom shower glass doors Evanston homeowners can count on to fit precisely, look gorgeous, and function perfectly.  We have a wide array of glass options that range from clear shower glass doors to tinted glass, a rain glass pattern to sapphire glass, and much more for you to choose from. Regardless of your budget, you can find the right glass shower doors in Evanston to fit your bathroom space. Contact IMAGO today to ask any questions you may have and to have your shower door installation in Evanston.

Our Gallery of Glass Shower Doors in Evanston & Custom Shower Door Solutions

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