The process of remodeling your home or building a brand-new house does not come without some challenges. Especially when it comes to the planning and designing part of the various areas of the home. For instance, designing your master bathroom is never easy as you are faced with so many choices and options. These options can include things like plumbing fixtures, cabinets, paint colors, tiling options and even shower enclosures. Now let’s add some custom mirrors to the mix, which can add some distinct benefits to the overall design of your master bathroom.

Most people focus more on the larger items of the bathroom and direct much of their energy and budget on the floors, plumbing fixtures and sometimes items like frameless shower doors for their shower enclosures. Many are not aware of other design fixtures that can have a large impact on the overall appeal and functionality of your master bathroom. An example of this is custom mirrors. Find out some of the advantages that custom mirrors can have in your master bathroom.

1. Improved Aesthetic

You may discover a wide variety of different mirrors in home improvement or interior design stores that would satisfy the need for a mirror in your bathroom. You can also let the builder or contractor choose a typical builder’s grade mirror. Standard mirrors may be adequate, but they certainly lack the individuality and style that you would want for your bathroom.

Custom mirrors allow you to put your own twist on the design of your master bathroom. You can select the size, shape, and aesthetic that you like. For instance, a large mirror framed in walnut, or small oval mirrors that have beveled glass. Use alternative mirror designs like ornate mirrors, round mirrors or mirrors that cover the entire wall behind your vanity. You can make this space your own with custom mirrors.

2. Increased Functionality

Choosing stylish mirrors will of course enhance the overall style of your bathroom, but even more importantly, they add functionality. Custom mirrors that take all your requirements into account, will help with the practical aspects of your master bathroom. This can include everyday tasks like, shaving, applying makeup, doing your hair, and getting dressed.

The first step is to select mirrors that are the right size. When it is put in place, the uppermost part of the mirror should be a few inches higher than the eye level of the tallest individual that uses the bathroom. This positioning guarantees that you and other family members will have the optimum view when making use of the bathroom.

Another way customer mirrors can aid in the functionality of your bathroom is by providing storage opportunities. You could install mirror covered cabinets over your vanity. These cabinets provide the necessary mirror surface as well as storage space for toiletries and medicine.

3. Amplified Lighting

Another great benefit of custom mirrors is that when strategically placed, they can lighten up a naturally dark room. This adds to the overall appeal and functionality of the bathroom.
In a bathroom that has a window, arrange with your contractor that your vanity and its mirror is installed on the opposite side. They aid the flow of natural light, which will enter the room and reflect off the mirror. This creates a lighter, brighter, and happier space for you to relax in.

For those bathrooms that do not have a window that allows natural light to enter, install several mirrors on various walls.

Both a single, large mirror over your vanity and several smaller ones is a good idea. To add to that, install mirrors in a different part of the bathroom, for instance over the bathtub. Another good idea is to make use of mirrors with beveled edges to further reflect light throughout the bathroom.

4. Create the Illusion of Space

In addition to custom mirrors enhancing functionality and creating better lighting, they can also create the illusion of a larger space. Sometimes physically expanding your bathroom space, like knocking down a wall for instance, is simply not an option. If this is the case, invest in custom mirrors to make the space feel bigger.

A small bathroom can be made to appear larger and brighter by covering an entire wall with mirror glass. Another option is to put mirrors on doors, such as the bathroom door, or a linen cabinet door. Mirrored glass added to these doors creates the appearance of extra room.

Bathrooms with lower ceilings tend to feel dark and confined. To counteract this, make use of longer and narrower custom mirrors as opposed to a wide and short mirror design. Your bathroom will feel more spacious thanks to elongated mirrors, as it draws the eye upwards, and reflects extra light.

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