custom shower doors chicago modern style bathroom

Contemporary interior designs are arranged in many different beautiful styles and configurations that can transform your home into a perfect sanctuary. Bathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms per square foot to renovate, however the choices of tiles, fixtures and fittings are an endless way to showcase this important space. One of the most important bathroom items that can add personality to your interior are shower cabins.

Imago Glass, Inc. offers glass shower doors and enclosures that are imprinted with unique designs and different levels of opacity to suit all our customers’ tastes and budgets.

Classic Clear Glass Shower Doors

The most typical glass for shower enclosures is classic clear glass. It is transparent with a slight shade of green, which is more apparent in thicker glass. Clear glass is a more conventional solution that is most popular among homeowners. A clear glass shower door can instantly make a small bathroom look bigger and brighter. For more durable clear glass options, you can choose tempered glass, which is characterized by higher elasticity and mechanical and thermal strength than regular float annealed glass. It’s an excellent choice for a bathroom, since it breaks down into small pebble-like pieces when broken.

Starphire glass is made from low-iron silica that allows it to be ultra-clear, which is why it’s a great substitute for float glass. It has anti-corrosive properties that make it one of the top choices for shower enclosures. Dirt, soap scum and other shower residue doesn’t settle as much, which means starphire glass is easier to clean than classic clear glass. Low lead glass is also a clear, translucent option for your bathroom. Glass sheets are covered with a metal oxide applied magnetronically, which prevents the formation of discolorations and reduces the formation of streaks and tarnish.

Tinted and Colored Shower Glass

Frosted glass is a very popular choice, which has a matt/fog effect and offers more privacy than transparent shower doors. It’s recommended especially for those who value functionality. The inner part of the shower door remains smooth, making it easier to clean. This type of glass, however, does not visually enlarge the bathroom, so it is definitely more often chosen for larger bathroom interiors. Tinted glass is a transparent glass with a hint of graphite, brown, blue or green color. It has sun protection properties, however, it is used primarily because of its aesthetic value. It will create an interesting visual effect by enriching the bathroom interior with more color.