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Tips on preparing and installing frameless glass shower doors


A shower door can be a great investment for a home, adding elegance and functionality to a bathroom. For a truly refined shower door look, quality shower doors installation is paramount. With quality installation, the buyer gets want they want without having to worry about quality. There are some important things to consider when seeking out shower doors installation.

Measuring for a glass shower door

Before ordering doors, you need to make sure you have accurate measurements so you get the right size. Start by measuring the top and bottom of your shower opening and then get doors which are 1/16” shorter than the opening for easiest installation.

Attaching the frame

Make sure to level and secure your shower door frame with tape and proper caulking. Mark your holes for the screws accurately and then drill the screws in with anchors. Once this is done, make sure the door channels are firmly in place and that you remove all the tape.

Inserting doors and sealing

For sliding shower doors, you want them to glide on their roolers. Make sure these rollers face inward for the inside door and outward for the outside door. Install the inside door first and make sure they both slide freely without any interference when you’re done. Apply extra caulk at the juncture of the door frame and enclosure, then clean off the excess.

Expected cost

Labor cost for shower doors installation can typically run between $100-$300. If you include the cost of the shower glass doors themselves, you can expect the entire process to cost at least $450 and upwards. Costs can vary substantially depending upon the quality and size of your doors.

Installing sliding glass shower doors is a great way to upgrade your bathroom. As you can see, it’s actually a pretty simple and inexpensive process, as well, making this one of the best additions you can make to your home. Make sure you get the job done right and you’re sure to love your new bathroom.

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